Random Interview Saturday! Laurie Lucking

The H. L. Burke Random Interview is not like other interviews. The questions are all over the place. They have no purpose. Their purpose is their lack of purpose.
There are nine questions because cats, but these nine questions are subject to change without notice, so the questions one person answers may not be the questions answered by the next author.

Today's writer apparently used to be a lawyer so we are going to be very, very careful about what we say here. Very, very, very.
Laurie Lucking
Author Bio:
An avid reader since birth (her parents claim she often kept them up until nearly midnight begging to hear just one more story), Laurie Lucking discovered her passion for writing after leaving her career as a lawyer to become a stay-at-home mom. She writes young adult fantasy with a strong thread of romance and co-founded www.landsuncharted.com, a blog for fans of clean young adult speculative fiction. A Midwestern girl through and through, she currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and two young sons. Find out more about Laurie and her writing by visiting www.laurielucking.com.

If you could enter any fictional world, which would you choose?
Hogwarts! It is the coolest castle ever, and I would be right at home in Ravenclaw. Plus, I want a pet owl.
If your favorite historical era had an ice cream flavor made in its honor, what would it taste like?
My favorite era is Regency England, so something classic and refined, like mint chocolate chip. But it has to be chocolate chip, not chocolate chunk, because there is nothing the least bit classic or refined about the word “chunk.”
Who is your favorite superhero and why?
At the risk of dating myself, I’m going with Quailman. Does anyone else remember the TV show Doug? Such a classic. I’m not really a Marvel kind of girl, plus Quailman is so resourceful in his choice of wardrobe—using his own underwear and belt as part of his superhero outfit, so all he needed to add was a cape. Pure. Brilliance.
Heads or Tails?
If we’re talking coins, then I would say tails because I love the pretty architecture. If we’re talking animals, then I’m going with heads. For reasons that should be apparent.
You find a talking animal. What sort of animal is it and what’s the first thing you do?
It’s a wallaby, and I wonder how on earth I ended up in Australia.
What is your ideal writing space?
Hmm, probably a cabin with a stunning lake view. Except then I’d be distracted looking out the window…
Maybe a library like in Beauty & the Beast, with shelves and shelves of books reaching up to the ceiling. But then I’d spend all my time reading…
Okay, let’s go with a comfy couch with a TV table for my computer in a well-lit, barren closet. With a few snacks. Where my kids can’t find me unless they really, REALLY need me.
If I were to invite you over, what snacks would you bring, keeping in mind that fruit and dried fruit are not snacks?
Spinach dip in a bread bowl. And puppy chow—Chex cereal covered with chocolate, peanut butter (or Sunbutter in my case because my son’s allergic to peanuts), and powdered sugar. Yes, it’s every bit as delicious as it sounds.
What method do you suggest for dealing with dragons?
Dragons really aren’t that different from cats. You just need to keep a spray bottle handy, to spritz them with a little water when they misbehave. Or maybe a super-soaker, depending on the size of the dragon.
If you happen to be dealing with a dragon who doesn’t mind water, you may need to resort to taking away his favorite toy. Dragons hate that.
If this question were any question in the world, what question would you want it to be and how would you answer it?

Question: Would you like this enormous, double-chocolate, calorie-free brownie?
Answer: Why yes, yes I would. Thank you very much.


  1. Great interview! Amazing how dragons sound a lot like kids... :-)

    1. dragons, kids, cats ... it's all the same.

    2. Thanks Jill! Actually, it's not surprising since my kids act a lot like dragons... I've never tried the spray bottle / super-soaker method on them, though, at least not yet :)


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