Review: The Horse Dreamer

The Horse Dreamer

Trapped in a car wreck, crushed by a train. In seconds, Zaranna’s world is torn apart and she must start life anew, as a survivor. A double amputee.

Yet why does this promising equestrienne remember a flash of sulphurous fire, and a crimson paw hurling her mother’s car onto the train tracks? Why does a tide of beguiling butterflies flood her increasingly chaotic dreams?

As Zaranna Inglewood adjusts to life minus legs, plus gorgeous Alex, the paramedic who cut her body from the wreckage, she learns the terror of being hunted. Relentless and inimical, the enemy lures her to a world where dreams shape reality. Equinox. A world of equinoctial storms; lashed by titanic forces of magic, dominated by the Pegasi and their centuries-old enmity with Human Wizards and the Dragons. This is a world where a girl can Dream her destiny. Where her soul can fly, or be chained forever.

She is Zaranna, the Horse Dreamer. Survivor. Fighter. A girl who doesn’t need legs to kick an evil fate in the teeth. All she needs is courage–the courage to Dream.

Author's Note:
The Horse Dreamer is a Young Adult epic fantasy with horses, dragons, evil wizards and a grandfather who doesn't know the meaning of 'slow down'. Laced with humour, action and fantasy adventure, this is a clean coming-of-age tale which can be enjoyed from ages 10 and up.

Fans of Aranya, The Pygmy Dragon and Dragonfriend will love this tale of Zaranna, a feisty heroine who refuses to allow a few swamps, Storm Pegasi, crystal dragons, wizards and demonic underworld thugs to stop her, never mind the loss of her legs. What are you waiting for? Ride away to Equinox today!

The Review

This feels like it will be almost impossible for me to review coherently because this book has a LOT going on. Seriously, a lot a lot. It provides an extremely elaborate world, backed up by our own world but across two continents, with multiple fantasy races (humanoid and non-humanoid) with their own factions ... and a breathless busy style with a rambunctiously voiced heroine who quips constantly.
I really enjoyed it. 

Content wise, there is a bit of high level flirting, some intense moments (basically they get the worst out of the way right off the bat as the character endures a catastrophic car accident within the first chapter ... but other traumatic incidents are peppered within) and there is some incidental nudity (characters shift between worlds, arriving without clothes) but more on the awkward side than anything else. Probably for me this would be a PG13 but it depends on a young reader's sensitivities. 


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    1. it was good. Reminded me a little bit of your Space Time series in that there was a lot of different aspects introduced, different sorts of magic, different factions.


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