Spellsmith & Carver: Pre-order and Giveaway

It feels like forever since I put out a new book, but I'm really excited about this one! You can pre-order it now for 99 cents, but it will be released sometime next month (price will go up to $3.99 after release so get your copy reserved now!).

Spellsmith & Carver: Magicians' Rivalry is what I'm calling a magical buddy cop story, not because the characters are cops, but because it is centered around two opposites who start out as rivals who become at first unwilling teammates then an unstoppable magical duo.

And yeah, I'm kind of excited about it!

If you think you'd like a paperback copy, you can enter to win one on Goodreads below.


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        Spellsmith & Carver by H.L. Burke



          Spellsmith & Carver

          by H.L. Burke


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