MerMay Giveaway!!!

Mermaids, naiads, women of the sea. Benevolent and beautiful or deceptive and vicious, you'll find all kinds in the stories available by Fellowship of Fantasy authors in our MerMay giveaway. Channel your inner mermaid and enter to win a dozen ebooks plus a gorgeous handmade mermaid journal. 

Giveaway runs May 4-18 and is open internationally. (We reserve the right to substitute the prize for a non-US address.)

Good luck!

The book I've chosen to include in this giveaway is Coiled. Technically the water creatures in this series are Naiads, not Merfolk -- they are also technically jerks. Like really jerky Naiads. Watch out for those Naiads! Don't trust them.

But still, even if Naiads are jerks, the journal is awesome! Plus some of these other mermaid tales feature much nicer mermaids!

Click here to pre-order Coiled.