Random Interview Saturday! Malinda Andrews

The H. L. Burke Random Interview is not like other interviews. The questions are all over the place. They have no purpose. Their purpose is their lack of purpose.
There are nine questions because cats, but these nine questions are subject to change without notice, so the questions one person answers may not be the questions answered by the next author.

Knock, knock. Who's there?

Malinda Andrews

A transplant to the Midwest from Washington State, Malinda Andrews lives in Wisconsin within a stone’s throw of Lake Michigan.
The love of writing started young (she credits, or alternately blames, her parents for her love of reading and writing) and followed her passion for the written word into college. Forgoing financial security, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in December 2012.
An avid reader, Malinda also enjoys crocheting, watching TV and movies, book shopping, hiking, and camping. She lives with her loving husband, and their son.

The Interview
Sum up your life in five words and two punctuation marks.
What is even going on?!
Pirates, Ninjas, or Vikings? Choose carefully.
Vikings! Not only were they better at navigating water and exploration than pirates but I’d rather have a Viking berserker in my corner than a ninja any day.
Are computers friends or foes?
Friends…until they act up! Then they get threatened repeatedly with being run over by my truck until they decide we’re friends again. Mwhahaha
If you had the honor of naming something really big (a country, a spaceship, a planet) what would you want it to be and what would you name it?
I would want to name a spaceship like the Serenity, and I’d name it “Saor”, it means free in Irish, and is pronounced “Seer”
If your favorite historical era had an ice cream flavor made in its honor, what would it taste like?
My favorite historical era is kind of broad, basically pre-roman times when the Celts ran things. Since each Celtic area was so different, I’d say the perfect flavor would be called Rocky Woad. It would be blue, and have lots of nuts, cherries, and chocolate chunks.
If you had to communicate with an alien presence in a non-traditional way (like, for instance, interpretive dance) what would be your method of choice?
I would pick yodeling. It’s different and could potentially throw off a lot of people that weren’t “In the know”.
Who wrote the book of love?
Pepe Le Pew
You have to trade places with one of your characters for a day. Which and why?
Feoras. Hands down. Because who wouldn’t love to be a huge red and gold fire breathing dragon?!?
If this question were any question in the world, what question would you want it to be and how would you answer it?
It’s a blistery day here that I’ve spent in the A/C, so I’ll go with “What’s your favorite Ice Cream flavor”? My favorites are Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Oreo.

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