The Creepy Google Phone and the Crazy Cat Lady

Now there's a title for you ...
So backstory: I have a pixel. It's a good phone: takes nice pictures, reliably opens aps which I legitimately use for book marketing, big enough screen to read books on ... etc. BUT ... it links up to Google Drive and Google Photo automatically, and every so often it does this thing where it selects a photo and "stylizes" it for you (adds a frame or a filter or both) or picks three photos and makes a "collage" for you ... or takes a collection of photos and makes a slideshow complete with music. You have the option to save these and share them or just delete. 
I also have a cat. His name is Bruce Wayne and he's a 17lb ginger beast with a great temperament and he's basically my favorite thing ever. Seriously, he's an awesome cat. 

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Last night I was taking a bunch of selfies with my cat (as you do) and afterwards I put my phone to the side and then beep, beep, notification: your phone has a new slideshow for you.
I pick it up and I get this:

To sum up: it's a slide show of a few weeks worth of cat photos accompanied by the Blue Danube Waltz "sung" in meows. 
A couple things:
1. This phone somehow recognizes which pictures I took are of my cat and recognizes them as cat pictures.
2. This phone is aware of my proclivities enough to suspect I would appreciate a slide show of my cat set to the meowing of other cats. 
It's a brave new world. 


  1. OMG computers are getting scary smart. The photo recognition doesn't freak me out as much as it does the matching of the song to the photos.

    1. I know. Maybe there's some sort of special coding Google does just for cats.


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