Steampunk and Dragons? Yes, please!

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The salvation of humans and dragons lies within a convicted murderer.

Dragonshifter Kesia Ironfire has one goal—to redeem her past by serving the cruel dragon Pinnacle as a soldier in the dragon-human war.

Then a rogue mission to spy on a new airship explodes into sickening green smoke. The same mysterious green smoke that was present the night of Kesia’s crime. When her dragon overlords deny any involvement, she and her tactical partner Zephryn Nightstalker try to investigate--and are sentenced to death.

Still searching for answers, Kesia and Zephryn flee to the human military capital, where Captain Shance Windkeeper has been furloughed after the destruction of his airship. Eager to discover what--and who--blew up his vessel, he agrees to help Kesia and Zephryn infiltrate High Command. In exchange, Kesia must pretend to be his betrothed so Shance can escape an arranged marriage. If only she knew what ‘betrothed’ and ‘arranged marriage’ meant.

But human social customs are the least of her worries. Dark secrets surface as Kesia delves deeper--secrets that challenge the facts of her crime and undermine the war itself.

A steampunk fantasy adventure with a side of snark and quirky romance.

Full disclosure: 

I'm kind of entwined with this book/author. 
I'm guest hosting at the Facebook party tonight (click HERE), she has a short story in the Hall of Heroes anthology, which I administrate, and my book  Coiled  is through the same press as Lawless

However ... it has dragons and Steampunk which are things I like. I like the things. Therefore, I am telling you about the things. 

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This book is a lot like if you combined my Dragon and the Scholar series with my Nyssa Glass series with my Spellsmith and Carver series, so if you like any or all of those, you'll love Lawless.

But don't take my word for it. Click HERE and download a sample from Amazon.