Random Interview Saturday! Kendra E. Ardnek


The H. L. Burke Random Interview is not like other interviews. The questions are all over the place. They have no purpose. Their purpose is their lack of purpose.

There are nine questions because cats, but these nine questions are subject to change without notice, so the questions one person answers may not be the questions answered by the next author.

I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn, but no one is there. Footsteps creak across the floor. It looks like one of the authors found the invisibility cloak again. Come out, come out, wherever you are!
It's Kendra E. Adrnek!

Kendra E. Ardnek

Author Biography

Kendra E. Ardnek loves fairytales and twisting them in new and exciting ways. She's been or acting them on her dozen plus cousins and siblings for years. "Finish your story, Kendra," is frequently heard at family gatherings. Her sole life goal has always been to grow up and be an author of fantasy and children's tales that glorify God and His Word.

The Interview!

If you had a store, what would you sell?
I had a store once. Or at least tried to have one. I sold knitted stuff, but I never made products fast enough to have a substantial inventory. So I gave it up.

Write me some Vogon Poetry (for those not in the know, Vogon poetry is so awful you’ll want to rip your ears off and eat them. It’s considered a method of torture in many corners of the galaxy. So give us your worst).
I found a Toenail in my Soup
Soup, or also known as Gloop.
I ate the toenail with great Gusto
And wondered why I had a Custo

Which of the following potions would you like to possess: a Love Potion, a Sleeping Potion, an Invisibility Potion, or Coffee?
I work at McDonalds - I have the Coffee ...
Love Potion ... well, you do know that those only work if the person is already attracted to you (or at least, every one that I've managed to get my hands on has been that way)
Sleeping Potion ... well, only if I have a Fairy Godmother's promise that there will be a prince at the end.
Invisibility potion ... those are dangerous and can cause permanent blindness.
I'll keep my coffee.

Fill in the blanks. I am a were____ but I only turn when the ___ is ___.
I am a weredragon, but I only turn when Mars is visible.

Best writing tool: pen, pencil, keyboard, or crayon?
Cloooooose tie between the keyboard and the pencil. My writing is about equally split between the two mediums.

What's your sign? Mine is that one that warns you to watch for falling cows.
Caution: Radioactive

You approach a wooden door at the end of a long, dark passage. It is big and heavy. A strange warmth radiates from the wrought-iron handle. You hear a strange noise rising through it. What's on the other side and what do you do?
Well, it's a dragon, taking a nap, obviously. They're loud snorers. I remember that you should never poke the sleeping dragon, so I back slowly away and decide to come back on a better day.

Best trilogy (of books, movies, three course meals, your choice)?
The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis. They're tough books to get through, but ... wow. 

If this question were any question in the world, what question would you want it to be and how would you answer it?
To be or not to be, that is the question. 
But we all know that the answer to life, the universe, and everything in it is 42.

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