Random Interview Saturday! S. M. Spencer


The H. L. Burke Random Interview is not like other interviews. The questions are all over the place. They have no purpose. Their purpose is their lack of purpose.

There are nine questions because cats, but these nine questions are subject to change without notice, so the questions one person answers may not be the questions answered by the next author.

Author S. M. Spencer gallops in on a black and white pony! Let's see what she has to say. 

S. M. Spencer

author biography:

At the age of five S M Spencer's life changed when she was plonked onto a black & white pony for a photograph. From that day on all she wanted was a horse. She spent the next eleven years writing stories about the horses she pretended to ride through the rolling hills of coastal California until she got a job and bought her first horse at the age of sixteen.

In the 1980s her life changed again when her employer offered her a role in Australia. This was the beginning of an adventure of which she has never tired.

Still living in Australia she now writes from the semi-rural home she shares with her husband, horses, cats and dogs--not to mention the kangaroos that share the paddocks with the horses from time to time.

Her current series is the Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series. This is clean Australian contemporary/rural romance set within the Golden Triangle outside Melbourne.

She has also written a clean YA paranormal romance trilogy, Absent Shadows, which is set mostly in Australia.

The Interview!

Did you bring me anything?
A bowl of milk, lactose free of course, and a packet of dried sardines. Happy now?
Ability to breathe under water, ability to fly, or invisibility? Choose wisely.
Fly, of course. Those pesky birds, the ones that always think they’re smarter than me, would get quite the fright, don’t you think? Oh, and I often dream I can already fly, so I’d be a natural at it!
Your life is being made into a movie. Who plays you? Who plays your love interest? (or who plays your arch-enemy?)
Me – Penelope Pussycat and my love interest, Pepe’ Le Pew (I’ve really always been interested in him, I just like to play hard to get.)
What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Cheese – or catnip, depending upon my mood.
If you could enter any fictional world, which would you choose?
101 Dalmations … I’d lock those puppies up … oh, no, um, I mean … let me think … Finding Nemo … I’d grab that slippery … uh, oh, not again … JUST KIDDING KIDS … how about Wonderland. Ah, that’s right. I’d wipe that smile off that sneaky cat in a moment!
You are faced with a powerful being who wants to challenge you to a contest. If you win you get your heart's desire. If you lose, a terrible punishment, and you are contractually obligated to play. What sort of contest do you choose for it to be? (Can be anything from a sword fight to a cook off)
A hair-ball (or for those that prefer, furr-ball) contest. Reckon I’d cough up a winner in no time!

You have to either change your hair color or your eye color, which do you change and to what?
The eyes have it! (ha, ha) But seriously, have you ever seen a cat with Elizabeth Taylor eyes? Nor have I!
If I were to invite you over, what snacks would you bring, keeping in mind that fruit and dried fruit are not snacks?
Sun-dried lizard, baked mice, followed by tuna in spring water and to top it off, more milk … or maybe I’ll change that to cream (nice to be decadent from time to time).
If this question were any question in the world, what question would you want it to be and how would you answer it?
If the world could be ruled by any creature, so long as it had four legs, which would you choose?
Hmph, if you can’t answer that one yourself, I don’t want to play with you any longer! Where’d I put that ball of yarn, anyway?

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