Going Wide: The Dragon and the Scholar

Warning: this post is about author salesy stuff, not really trying to sale you stuff (not that it wouldn't be nice if you would buy the stuff and I will provide links), but just explaining a little of the behind the scenes as to how I market certain books and why.

Dragon's Curse was my first real self-publishing project. I did have one book I wrote before it that was temporarily available on Amazon before I took it down and re-edited it, but Dragon's Curse was the first I approached with a mindset to reach more than just my friends and family. I put time into work shopping it, sought out covers from a professional (which have since been swapped out by different covers including original artwork), and did my best to make it everything it could be.
I also wrote the whole series in a row then edited and published them a few months apart.

For the longest time, I kept these books exclusive to Amazon just because of the ease of it. Amazon has some cool marketing tools for exclusive books, and feeling a little lost, Amazon Select was an easy blue print for success. When Kindle Unlimited began it's big push, I actually was making 50% of all my income from pages read for a while.

However, lately, pages read for this particular series have been down, and I have been feeling brave. It's time to take a chance and test the waters outside of Amazon.

So this week I'm expanding sales of the Dragon and the Scholar Saga to multiple channels outside of Amazon including Kobo, Apple, and Barnes and Noble.

Books One and Two are already available on most of these sites with Books Three and Four scheduled to go live at the end of the week (though you can pre-order them now.).

This does mean the books will no longer be available through Kindle Unlimited loaning. For the time being my other books will be, however.

I'm hoping this helps me reach new readers I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

You can view all the purchase options currently live through the links below:

Dragon's Curse
Dragon's Debt
Dragon's Rival
Dragon's Bride


  1. Good luck! Kobo has some nice internal marketing tools, and lots of book newsletters feature multiple platforms now. I think you'll do well if you just keep on advertising like you do.

    1. Thanks!
      I'm hoping it might give me a shot at a Book Bub . I've heard they prefer wide.


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