Random Interview Saturday! Johanna Evelyn


The H. L. Burke Random Interview is not like other interviews. The questions are all over the place. They have no purpose. Their purpose is their lack of purpose.

There are nine questions because cats, but these nine questions are subject to change without notice, so the questions one person answers may not be the questions answered by the next author.

Our next author rides in on a roomba! It's Johanna Evelyn!
Johanna Evelyn

Author Bio
Johanna Evelyn graduated from the school of hard knocks with a degree in, I survived my twenty’s. She loves all things rocks, the ocean, singing, reading, service, gardening, food, finding cures for rare incurable diseases (through raising awareness, Go PSC!), and writing. She gets most of her book ideas from dreams then adds a little of herself to every story. 

She is afraid to admit she doesn’t like dogs, but tolerates cats, and watches more I shouldn’t be alive, and untold stories of the ER, than is probably good for her dramatic sensibilities. 

She is the mother of six children who keep her on her toes most of the time. And the wife to a man who doesn’t understand why she’s always trying to change the endings of the movies she doesn’t like, or reading the last page of the book before deciding to read it.  

The Interview

If you could design a holiday, what would it be?
I would take away all holidays and make one very important holiday centered around cats.

My Little Ponies have Cutie Marks, little pictures on their flanks that tell something about their personality/purpose in life. What would yours be? 
A cat’s claw because don’t touch me.

What's in the box? What box? How should I know!? You're the one standing there with an imaginary box!

There is a cat in the box. I have secretly put catnip in the box so when the cat comes down from its high, it will come to me willingly for its next fix.

If you had to board yourself up in a store to wait out the apocalypse, what store would you choose?

When cats take over the world, how do you plan to win their good graces? 
I have already answered that question (See above questions.).

Which of the following potions would you like to possess: a Love Potion or a Sleeping Potion?
I will add the last choice for you though. (We’ve all been there, those darn edits! Curse them!) C: With Catnip Potion. (I know you thought I would say love potion because I write romance, but I already have that potion so it would be wasted on that answer.)

I think I need a new pet. What should I get and why? 
A dog named naked so when guests came to visit, I would make them walk naked around the yard. (See my last Q&A as to why I didn’t say cat.)

If you could live inside a theme park ride, which would it be?
It wouldn’t be just one ride. I would buy that video game where you can make your own amusement parks, then make a cat themed amusement park using its outdated technology. When Cat’s take over the world I will show them my designs and they will like them so much that their first priority would be to build said park. I will become rich and be able to afford any kind of house I wanted. (Not limited to amusement park rides.)

If this question were any question in the world, what question would you want it to be and how would you answer it? 

When dogs take over the world, how do you plan to win their good graces? I would adopt its leader at a very young age, put it in a small kennel until it was house trained (Give it treats to help this process of course! And I would not call it a bribe.), I would tap it’s nose when it nipped at my small children until the dog bent to MY will (this would be a very fast process), I would feed it table scraps on the side so no one could tell what I was doing (aka not bribing it’s love), then the dog leader would be putty in my hands when it was an adult, thus I would be the real leader.
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