Sum it up: my books!

I have been an indie author for almost four years ago, and in that time I've published on average four books a year, so I've got quite a list of titles. Sometimes it can be hard to keep them straight so I've come up with this easy guide to my books (note, if there was a series of books, I only did the first book in that series. Also, some affiliate links to Amazon are included.). 

H. L. Burke's books in 50 words or less.

Dragon's Curse (start of a four book series):

Knight: Hey, you're hot. I'm hot. There's a dragon. I'll protect you from him if you marry me.
Shannon: I think I'm going to go hang out with the dragon now. Bye.
Music is MAGIC!
Friendship is also MAGIC! (No ponies)

Crazy cat lady fiction now with 100% more dragons.
This world has stores where you can buy dragon eggs wrapped in colored foil. Do you really need to know any more about it?

Percy: I'm nothing special and nothing exciting ever happens--
Matilda: I like you. Let's go on an adventure! BTW, fairies are trying to kill me.

Fire Elementals burn everything, but humans fight back. Also, family drama.
Girl gets framed for murder. Girl breaks into creepy “abandoned” house. The computer is snarky.

Girl: You're perfect.
Boy: I turn into a giant snake whenever anyone looks at me.
Girl: Details.
Auric: This town isn't big enough for two magicians, and I really don't like you flirting with my sister.
Jericho: So when are you leaving then? BTW, your sister is totally into me.

you can check them all out here.

So ... if you've read any of these books, are the descriptions accurate?
If you haven't, which of these descriptions have you the most intrigued?