For the month of May the Fellowship of Fantasy is hosting a fun, social media tag game!

Share your love of books and reading by answering the daily prompts on social media with the tag of #MayWeRead

Follow the hashtag to see what your fellow readers are reading and to find new books and authors!

​Prompt Schedule:

May 1-Introduce yourself as a reader!
May 2-Your favorite book/s
May 3-Your favorite genre/subgenre
May 4-Space, star, or sky themed book!
May 5-Book with the best villain
May 6-Book with a theme of new life.
May 7-Favorite series
May 8-Favorite Standalone
May 9-Book with a flower on the cover
May 10-Book that starts with M.
May 11-Inspiring book quote
May 12-Book with a Bird in it!
May 13-Best Book Mom!
May 14-Favorite fictional character
May 15-Book featuring mythology
May 16-Funny book quote
May 17-Book with a reader as a character.
May 18-A book that touched you.
May 19-Favorite book couple.
May 20-Last book you reviewed
May 21-Best plot twist!
May 22-Best book for a rainy day.
May 23-Books featuring animal sidekicks.
May 24-A book that made you cry.
May 25-Book with a green cover.
May 26-Give us a book title in Emojis!
May 27-A book that made you happy.
May 28-Book about heroes!
May 29-Best bookish snack!
May 30-Best book vacation
May 31-FREE DAY! Link your books!


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