Random Interview Saturday! Xina Marie Uhl


The H. L. Burke Random Interview is not like other interviews. The questions are all over the place. They have no purpose. Their purpose is their lack of purpose.

There are nine questions because cats, but these nine questions are subject to change without notice, so the questions one person answers may not be the questions answered by the next author.

We hear a scratching at the door. We open it to reveal our next author, Xina Marie Uhl!

Author Biography

Xina Marie Uhl, pictured here with her overlord Charley, lives in sunny Southern California with her family and a minor menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, and aquatic creatures. She has worked at many different jobs in her life, from accounting clerk to history instructor, but writing has been something she has always done. In addition to The Cat's Guide to Human Behavior, she also has several fantasy adventures Necropolis, A Fairy Tail and Out of the Bag, The Ruling Elite and Other Stories, and The King’s Champion, Book 1 available through XC Publishing.net.
Her education has been in history. She holds both BA and MA degrees, and, in addition to writing fiction, also works as a freelance writer of children’s nonfiction and educational materials. When not writing, she enjoys photography, travel, pizza, and fine Arizona Mexican food, not necessarily in that order. 

The Interview!

If you had a store, what would you sell?
I have a weird answer but I suspect that is completely okay with this interview … I’m a restless traveler - the kind that goes places even when I have very little money - because I just have to go. On a trip to Venice years ago my companions and I had to wash our clothes. So we went to this absolutely beautiful little laundromat next to the water, with pretty flower pots and nice paint and well-kept machines and I always thought that if I were to ever have the money or time to open a business it would be similar. When I was first out of the house on my own I had to go to a lot of dingy, decrepit, generally depressing laundromats with a bunch of other poor people. It sucked. It would be nice to go to a place that makes you feel good even though you’re poor, you know? 

Write me some Vogon Poetry (for those not in the know, Vogon poetry is so awful you’ll want to rip your ears off and eat them. It’s considered a method of torture in many corners of the galaxy. So give us your worst).

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who had nose hair so long he must pluck it
So he braided it good
And ate up some food
And went to town like a deranged muppet
His nose it was mangled
His face was newfangled
But at least the nose hair were unwrangled!

Which of the following potions would you like to possess: a Love Potion, a Sleeping Potion, an Invisibility Potion, or Coffee?

An invisibility potion. I could creep around TV sets featuring gorgeous male actors and run nekkid through the streets, and toss cereal boxes around at the local grocery store. You know, generally socially unacceptable things like that.  

Fill in the blanks. I am a were____ but I only turn when the ___ is ___.

Lizard, cat, absent 

Do you consider yourself a cat person, or a dog person?

Both because I have two cats and three dogs, but I also do some dogsitting where people bring their pups to my house so I think the dogs won on that count. On the other hand, I did translate a book from a cat once and other cat books are in my future, so make of that what you want.

What is your ideal writing space?

A cozy little Victorian style writing hut in the woods next to willow trees and a pond and flowers with bunnies gamboling in the yard and Disney music floating through the air.

You have to either change your hair color or your eye color, which do you change and to what?

It would be pretty cool to have violet eyes like Liz Taylor.

Best trilogy (of books, movies, three course meals, your choice)?

I’ll go with historical ages, and I choose:  Ancient Mesopotamia, Antiquity, and the American Old West. And yes I have written in all those time periods. 

If this question were any question in the world, what question would you want it to be and how would you answer it?

Question: How would you like this royalty check from 8 billion book sales, direct deposit or cashier’s check? 
Answer: Direct deposit, baby!

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