Find the Pineapple Game

I've gotten a laptop bag I've been decorating with iron ons. Because I really love the TV show Psych, with its ever present pineapples, my husband ordered me a pineapple iron on, only to find out he'd accidentally bought a pack of them ... So I have eight extra pineapples. 

If you are also a Fan of Delicious Flavor, read on to find out how you can get your hands on one.

K, here's how it's going to go down. Over the next couple of weeks I'll continue doing my usual social media posting on Facebook, Instagram, my blog, but every so often ... one of these teeny tiny pineapples will make an unheralded appearance.

The first person to inform me that they've found any given pineapple (by commenting under the post, replying to the tweet, or otherwise making themselves known in a public matter with a time stamp so I can tell who posted first if it's close) wins that pineapple.

Since they are so small, I'm fine shipping them internationally. ONE per follower so if you see one, win it, then see another, let someone else win the second (or tag a Psycho friend and tell them so they can grab it).

And no, the Pineapples in THIS announcement and the pineapples posted prior to this announcement do not count. In fact, I'll resist posting on tonight, so the pineapple must be posted AFTER 5/30.

Other than this blog, pineapples might appear on:


  1. All these patches have finally convinced me I should care a little more about my laptop bag, rather than just rolling with the too-big and semi-ugly thing I found on clearance the day I bought the laptop. Now to decide if I want to do something similar to you or make a bag like I made my sister, dad, mom and friend (two Monster bags, cocker spaniel bag, and purple-people-eater bag respectively.)

    1. I do like the one I have. It is really well designed with a place for a laptop but extra pockets for other things so if I want to go purseless I can just put my ID/Cards in the slots for them and stuff.


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