Review: The Tomato Quest

The Tomato Quest

by D. G. Driver

Dash and Lillian are in love, but her wealthy father won’t permit them to be married because Dash is not a suitable match. He is nothing but the son of the family’s gardener. To be rid of the young man, Lillian’s father claims that the only way Dash could ever earn Lillian’s hand in marriage is to find his fortune in the time it takes a basket of fresh tomatoes to rot. Naturally, Sir Barrymore isn’t serious about this challenge, but Dash sees it as his only chance to win the hand of the woman he loves. He leaves immediately on a quest to find a way to complete this impossible task. Meanwhile, Lillian is doing her best to make her parents postpone her engagement to someone else in order to give Dash time to return. It is a whirlwind fairy tale adventure full of danger, cunning, magic, true love, and tomatoes.

My Review:

This is a sweet romance with slight fairy tale elements.
I think the strongest element are the couple. They spend most of the story apart, which would normally be a killer for a romance, but they are both likeable, persistent characters who try in their own way to make the most of their situation. 
I loved the fairy tale elements. My only real quibble is I could've used more of them, but the idea that magic is pretty rare in this world--not something everybody experiences or believes in--fits with previous installments I've read in this series ... I just really like magic, so it was cool to see some, but wouldn't have minded more. 
I received an ARC. All opinions are my own.